The following procedure applies for the membership of World Human Rights Forum

Complete the online application

Organizational Membership

If it is organizational membership submit a scanned copy of a document showing that you are registered in your nation. If this is not possible you may       provide one of the following:
      (a) A copy of the organization's organizing documents (articles of incorporation, constitution, and/or bylaws), or equivalent document; or
      (b) A letter of explanation (signed by the office bearers) of why your organization is not registered properly

Attach proof of recent activities, such as a copy of a recent brochure or a copy of the most recent annual report. (A web site address for your organization       will fulfill this requirement as well.)

Individual Membership

If it is individual membership submit a scanned copy of the ID proof showing your nationality and date of birth.

Submit a report of your involvement in the promotion of human rights and values.

Please direct inquiries, or submit supporting documents, to the Chairman of the Membership Committee at

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